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Nature's Embrace: Minet & Janco's Enchanting Reception Decor at @Boshoek

On November 4th, 2023, @Boshoek witnessed the union of Minet and Janco, a couple whose love for each other and nature was beautifully reflected in every detail of their wedding. Their reception decor was a testament to their love story, combining natural elements with elegant touches to create an unforgettable ambiance.

Elegant Simplicity: The tablescape exuded understated elegance, with cream runners providing a canvas for rose gold geometric shapes, cutlery, and concrete under plates. Mint-colored napkins added a touch of freshness to the ensemble, while natural-colored candles added warmth and intimacy to the setting. The combination of these elements created a serene and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Personalized Flourishes: Minet and Janco infused their reception decor with personal touches that spoke volumes about their love and commitment. A "better together" neon light illuminated the main table, symbolizing the strength of their bond and the journey they were embarking on together. A rose gold welcome board adorned with eucalyptus leaves and baby's breath greeted guests with warmth and elegance, setting the tone for the evening ahead.

Sensory Delights: The culinary delights served at Minet and Janco's reception were as beautiful as they were delicious. A simple yet stunning three-layer wedding cake, adorned with touches of eucalyptus leaves and baby's breath, stood as a sweet symbol of their love. Light grey macarons and personalized royal icing sugar cookies added a delightful touch to the dessert table, tantalizing guests' taste buds and igniting their senses.

Minet and Janco's wedding at @Boshoek was a celebration of love, nature, and the beauty of simplicity. From the enchanting hanging installations to the elegant tablescape and personalized details, every aspect of the reception decor reflected the couple's unique style and personality. As they danced beneath the glow of Edison bulbs, surrounded by the natural beauty of @Boshoek, Minet and Janco's love story unfolded in a way that was truly magical and unforgettable.


Bride: Minet

Groom: Janco

Photo and video: TK Photo and film (Tasim & Juan)

Flowers & decor: Trudie Everson

DJ: Cliffs Disco

Cake: Levia Edible Art

Marriage officer: Ds Stern Pretorius

Hair & make-up: Beauty Contour (Monique MacDonald)

Wedding dress: Fynbos Bridal

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