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An Elegant Affair with Amicke & LG: A Rustic-Chic Wedding at @BoshoekWeddings

In the heart of @BoshoekWeddings, love unfolded in an elegant symphony of rustic-chic beauty as Amicke and LG celebrated their unique love story. The theme, a tasteful blend of beige, rustic orange, and cream, set the stage for a celebration that was as enchanting as it was personal.

A Symphony of Colors and Textures: Dried palms, pampas, and natural color roses adorned the venue, creating a stunning tableau against natural wooden tables and concrete underplates. Earthy tone candles cast a warm glow, while Edison bulbs and dried branches added a touch of rustic charm.

Ceremony in the Chapel: The chapel witnessed the exchange of vows beneath an A-frame arch adorned with natural earthy flowers. The use of dried hydrangea petals as confetti added a whimsical touch to this heartfelt moment.

Reception Splendor: The spacious reception venue transformed into a haven of natural beauty. Natural color roses, bunny tail flowers, and earthy candles graced each table. Edison bulbs and dried branches suspended above created an ethereal atmosphere. A "Better Together" neon light at the photo booth added a modern touch.

Sweet Treats and Midnight Delights: Dessert took the form of ice cream cones, adding a delightful twist to the evening. The dance floor came alive with the joy of guests enjoying every beat. To cap off the night, a unique midnight snack awaited – breakfast cereals including Kellogg cornflakes, Milo, and Shreddies, served with milk and sugar.

Chic Bridal Party: The bridal party, dressed in sophisticated black, added an element of chic to the celebration. Bridesmaids shone in beautiful black sequin dresses, perfectly complementing the elegance of the day.

The Bride's Elegance: Amicke graced the venue in a beautiful A-line dress that spoke volumes of simplicity and sophistication. Her hair, styled up with statement pearl earrings, added a touch of modern elegance. The hanging bouquet, a masterpiece of peony roses and white orchids, complemented her radiance.

The Groom's Dapper Look: LG, the epitome of dapper style, embraced an all-black ensemble – a black suit, shirt, and tie – perfectly matching his groomsmen. Together, they added an element of sleek sophistication to the celebration.

Capturing Every Moment: The enchanting moments of the day were beautifully captured by 'That Other Couple.' The visual narrative of Amicke and LG's wedding, as immortalized through their lens, will undoubtedly become a treasure of memories.

Service Providers Who Added Magic:

  • Flowers and Decor: Love.Co curated the stunning floral arrangements and decor that adorned the venue, contributing to the natural and chic ambiance.

  • DJ Extraordinaire: KP Music Entertainment kept the celebration alive with beats that resonated with joy and love.

  • Glam Squad: YR Makeup Artistry and Rock Paper Scissors Salon worked their magic, ensuring everyone looked their absolute best.

  • Couture Elegance: The bride's exquisite dress was crafted by Karen Couture, adding a touch of couture elegance to the celebration.

  • Bridesmaid Dresses: YDE dressed the bridesmaids in gorgeous black sequin dresses, perfectly complementing the overall chic aesthetic.

As we weave through these intricate details, Amicke and LG's wedding at @BoshoekWeddings emerges as a story of love, style, and the collaborative efforts of talented service providers.

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